Monday, 9 March 2015

You learn to live for something like a 'set goal' what you're looking forward to achieving. Like an expectation. Today was once tomorrow but it became today. The future is no longer far,the future starts from today. Make good use of your time always.

Your heart desires, as long you're living right, you'll get them all!
Your desire toward life must be very precise. God can't give you everything if He's not going to bargain from it. You own everything but you must be responsible to access many things.
As a Christian, one of the potent weapon of spiritual strength is prayer. You don't wait for opportunities. Prayer is an opportunity. You can get anything through prayer.
Success is an empowerment. There is no human being born into this world that has ever succeeded in everything without being helped. There is nobody that doesn't need a helper. Every person needs divine assistance.