Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ten Things About Me

1) I love God, i study His Word and i love talking about Him and i'm a writer by the grace and gift of God.

2) I like to know a person and be a friend.

3) You'll be happy when i'm your friend and you'll be happy i'm your friend.

4) I'm not secretive. I love people and i love to share any information that could be helpful and needful to others.

5) I'm successful through the knowledge of the word of God. I don't fail in anything even when i think i have failed. God is always with me. I really don't fail.

6) I talk to God on everything and i pray a lot.

7) I love to mingle with people, go to places, associate with different people and learn new things in life.

8) I'm always in myself, spiritually and physically. I don't pretend. I'm always happy. If i love you, i can't forget you.

9) I love to do business, learn more about business and get successful in life.

10) I love to be a help meet. I'm helpful. I love to be respected, honored and favored by both God and man.

...These are the basic things about me
What about you???

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