Thursday, 23 April 2015

Differentiating between what you want and what you need

1) Needs are like raw materials. When they are processed, they give birth to what you want.
2) Needs are of much purpose than your want, You could need a car for a purpose but you may not really want it at that time because it is not what you need.
3) I need a house, why do you need a house? why not want a house? Needs are not your choices, they are what you want precisely.
4) God supplies needs much more than what you want. Needs speaks of basic things while want can just be for taste.
5) Needs are always larger. They are always greater. They are not easily gotten as to what you want. They last longer and stay longer.

1) They are never precise. There is no probability that when you want something today, you could need them tomorrow.
2) They are indefinite.
3) Sometimes what you want doesn't show certainty. It is doesn't show the reason why you want them.
4) You just need it at that time. No stronger reason why.
5)They are like 'grass' when you need a 'forest'.
 ...Your life is determined by who you choose to be.

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