Friday, 8 May 2015

5 Simple Keys To Success.

I'm a learner. I don't claim to have gotten much but with the knowledge of the word of God, i'll list 5 simple ways for you to become a success.

1) Know the gifts and talents God has put within you. Know what you have.
God became successful in winning the world to Himself by the reason of His son Jesus. Jesus was His only begotten. He was His gift.

2) Act differently, don't do everything others are fond of doing.
Try to be different in Christ. Don't live in competitions. The sky is wide enough for every bird to fly.

3) Think Positively.
Never judge people or yourself negatively. You are created by the Almighty. Be strong and don't try to get affected by wrong situations. You are better than wherever you are.

4) Keep pressing on.
This was what Paul the apostle of Christ said. You are too mighty to give up. Why should you do that? God said to Joshua, be strong and courageous, only be thou strong and courageous. He was telling Joshua never to give up.

5) Expect what you believe
The faith factor. Only a man who knows where he is going can be helped. Faith is believing you will get what you are not physically seeing yet.

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