Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Set up a proper determination for what you choose to work with or even live by. You are the only one who can motivate yourself into achieving the best. The mistake to avoid is never ever try to be like someone else. You will inhibit the nature of that person and nobody would seem to take you relevant to their viewing because you are actually showing the character of another man.

You are allowing the nature of another man to clothe you, living you behind of who you truly can be without them.

You have a gift. It is in you. The other man you may be living or practicing to be like may have mastered his gifting you are probably emulating. Every person is looking for something new. Even God wants to see you brighter each day. How then do i get to know myself? What do you have? What can you do? Build on this. The more harder you try to bring out the best in you personally, the better the chances of succeeding. Every man will want to meet you and appreciate you for your hard work when they see what you are truly living for. You are living to make a difference.

Specifically, God made you because He knows what He has put into you and expect to see the result coming out expressly from you. The challenge her is to get mixed up with the wrong people who aren't actually contributing to your growth and development. You may think they are because they are always close but not. The real ones does not really stay all the time. You find them in strange places at a time you never expect.

Be productive and let people see what you are standing for.

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