Tuesday, 16 June 2015

You should place your mind in the power of possibility thinking. You have to stop contradicting your  desires and reach out for what you want. What you see is what you get.

Nothing comes in or goes out from you without your permission. You are the head and in charge of whatever you choose to approve into your life. You will never understand the true value of life when you have not understand the power of decision making. Set certain principles of life to walk with.

What you do invites God or invites the devil and it all depends on you. The power of succeeding in life is in the hands of every man. What you do with it is that, you learn to grasp the opportunity of your own life and stay close to it. You don't need a friend to truly be a success but you will need one for your success to be approved.

What does this mean? To be approved is having the power of taking a stand. Where you don't take a stand, you are not known. Where you don't take a stand, you can be esteemed as every other person. This is why every human being is unique. God took the time to make man unique right in the eyes of every man because He want them to prove their difference, even if they look the same.

What the devil does is that, he tries as much as possible to counterfeit the image of who you really are. He knows that the power to live in the future today is given to you. Believing God is not enough. You have to grow beyond that and live as He truly lives. The power of oneness!

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